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Dad Is Fat

Dad Is Fat covershot

Title: Dad Is Fat
Author: Jim Gaffigan
Publisher: Crown Archetype/Random House

Summary: Parenting is hard. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few laughs along the way. Comedian Jim Gaffigan recounts the pains of parenthood in his traditional comedian style.

Review: I am not a parent. I have no children of my own, nor do I plan on having any in the near future. That does not mean that this is not one of my favorite books on the market. A perfect father’s day/dad-to-be gift and great for any time you just need a good laugh. Even if we don’t have children, we were all once an annoying child and done many of the things listed in Gaffigan’s book.

I received a copy of Dad Is Fat at the 2013 Book Expo America, where Gaffigan attended to promote this light hearted collection of the all to familiar difficulties of parenting. As a currently 20-something, reading a book about parenting would seem like the last thing I would want to read. After hearing Gaffigan do a reading of the section on “candy”, I was sold and was desperate for more. I read the book remembering things that I had done as a child. Starting to cross onto the other side of childhood, I sympathized more from the parent perspective, while still reveling in the memories of my own childhood. The wonders of gum, the allure of sugar, the battle of just getting out of the house for a few minutes. From the woes of shopping at the supermarket, to the struggle of getting five – yes, Gaffigan has five little angels – out of a tiny New York apartment, onto the subway, and out to the park, Gaffigan covers every aspect of parenting – the good, the bad, and the oddly sticky.

I read this book aloud in the car to my family on a long trip to visit relatives and it made for one of the most laugh filled car rides we’ve ever taken (to the drivers passing by, we’re not crazy, we’re just reading Jim’s hysterical book). His clean cut, “family friendly” comedy makes for a great read that anyone can enjoy.

A good, lighthearted warning to soon to be father’s, and a great way to remember the good old days for dads of earlier generations. A perfect selection if you only have short periods of time to read because the sections are short and you don’t need to worry about following a complicated storyline – not to mention the comedic relief. If you want to take the book for a little test drive before making your purchase, read the section on Candy (or you might be able to find this on YouTube from BEA 2013). I am rarely a fan of this kind of book, but it is all just so true, it’s impossible to not relate to.

Booksquirm rating: 5/5