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Booksquirm: (n) The inability to complete literature, or the tendency to read multiple novels at once. Also considered Reading ADD.


If you are anything like myself, you enjoy a good book. You also have an extremely hard time sitting still for extended periods of time to read those books, and give up unless the story is so gripping you can’t put it down. You read 10 books at once, or start a few and can’t get to the end because the middle is so boring and you don’t know if it is worth reading those last hundred pages if all of the pages are going to be this bad.

That is why I started Booksquirmers. A website with the ADD book reader in mind. Kids, adults, and all those in between can find reviews here. We’ll tell you who should read it, similar literature, and little quirks to look out for that can help you find the perfect book. Booksquirm has advice for teachers, parents, teenagers, and is written by average readers for average readers – no need to any weird adjectives here.

So take a look, then grab a book, and start reading today.